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The $2 trillion Millennial consumers



We - as millennials ourselves - believe the brands, products and services we love are the ones which liberate us from worry. They should empower us, connect us and invigorate our soul with the inspiration to do great things.

Leading brands today understand this; brands like Adidas, Snapchat and Google. Millennials are deeply connected, socially conscious and seek brands which help them enjoy life and achieve their goals.

Through deep research and insight into behavioural design and a constant commitment to innovation; we equip businesses with the messages they need to thrive and be welcomed into the lives of their consumers.

We are here to help you progress.




"They expect our businesses to innovate [...]

and deliver value to society."
(Forbes, 2013)



Millennials believe in businesses which encourage collaboration, innovation and are solving the world's problems (or motivating them to do so).

Forbes' analysis of the Milennials (those born around 1980 - early 2000s) determined that the buying power of millennials at retail is roughly $2.5 trillion.

With such distinct values and huge buying power, leading companies are discovering that to truly thrive in the market today will take more than a social media campaign or stylish website (although it helps!).







Interactive campaigns which inspire action


As a former games company, we have fun and interaction in our heart and soul.

Interaction is the language of the millennial audience and we believe in enabling the market to champion the brands they love.

We believe the best ideas are created together. The next great brand will not be a secret endeavour, it will be a team effort between suppliers and consumers.

In the pursuit of our goals, RIE STUDIOS uses an Agile, flexible, collaborative design process refined through years of digital projects.










Mobile | Digital Content

Drive consumers to promote your brand and purchase physical or digital products with our audience-focused rich media content. We create engaging media with a heavy emphasis on content sharing and gamification (goal-driven interaction and rewarding behaviour), for all major touch devices.

Web | Sites

Communicate your message clearly and convert your prospects into leads effectively with a thoughtfully engineered website. Designed to sit at the heart of your online presence, collecting and publishing information to-and-from all your digital channels (social, email, app, etc).

Print | Ads & Mags

Utilise insight into the Millennial lifestyle to enthuse and engage your audience with the imagery and words which appeal to their values. Effectively entice your audience into further action, such as downloading your app, visiting your website or buying products.

Mobile | Apps & Ads

Over 90% of Millennials own a mobile phone. Apps provide frictionless, fast access to services and introduce new revenue streams through advertising and the sale of physical and digital goods.

We design and engineer engaging mobile apps to sustain your brand awareness and enable your audience to love and champion your services, complete with social sharing.

Web | Web Ads

Thoughtfully designed, engaging, online advertising campaigns designed to create action and increase the virility of your brand. With a strong understanding of values and activities of your users, ads can be published cost-effectively through the channels where your users truly congregate, beyond large ad networks like Google Adwords.

Print | Packaging

Attention spans are decreasing and among Millennials this is a real issue. Packaging needs to immediately communicate the spirit of your brand in a way that is not only appealing to Millennials but is instantly obvious. We can help you achieve this with your product range.


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